My Secrets To A Dreamy Night’s Rest

I’ve always been a sucker for a comfy/cozy/snuggly bed. I go for the pillow top mattress with foam added on top and another pillow top cushion on top of that (my boyfriend says I belong in The Princess and The Pea). What can I say? I love to be cozy! I noticed recently that with all the stresses of the day, it’s really important for me to fully relax before bed, which thankfully makes me sleep better! I’m really happy with how my bed is right now, and I just thought I would share my little “secrets” to a dreamy night’s rest!

Secrets for a dreamy nights rest

1. Get down to the basics. And in my case, that would be the bed! I’m a huge fan of my all white space because I feel like it clears my head in the morning! I love waking up to such a fresh and bright space with minimal clutter!

Secrets for a dreamy nights rest

 Bedding: Target | Monogram: Groopdealz & painted | Lamp made by me! | Black and White Pillows: IKEA | Furry Pillow: PotteryBarn (on sale!) | World Map: similar

2. Set the mood. I love using lavender oil on my pillows and sheets because it’s so relaxing. I use one drop on each pillow, and it’s awesome because you can’t really smell it in your room until you lay down in bed. Plus it makes my hair and PJs smell like lavender!

3. Keep your linens fresh! One of my all time favorite pieces of technology is my fabric shaver. This tiny little device basically shaves off all of the little balls (pilling) that can accumulate on sheets or blankets or shirts or pants and leaves them feeling good as new. Definitely worth the $8!

4. Put away the technology. We all know that research has proven it’s bad to use your phone or tv right before bed, and lately I’ve been able to vouch for that big time. I used to play solitaire on my phone every night before falling asleep (yes, I’m very exciting), but for the past few weeks I’ve stopped doing that and have more restful nights to show for it. 

Secrets for a dreamy nights rest

And there you have it! Nothing too extreme, but dang I’ve been sleeping well lately! What are your secrets for getting a restful night’s sleep?


Staying Trendy On A Budget

Lately I’ve felt like the bills and inventory expenses are never-ending. My business is doing pretty (very) well, but I have a ton of stuff I’m saving up for so I’m constantly putting paychecks straight into savings. Since I’m really trying not to shop a lot, buying fashion forward clothes is something that I’ve had to sacrifice… until recently!

I got the opportunity to partner with Le Tote and try out their services, and holy moly it has been a game changer for my closet and work attire. Le Tote is an online boutique that sends you customized totes based upon items you select, your size, and your style. They send you three clothing items and two accessories per tote, and you get free 2-day shipping BOTH ways!


Here’s how it works:

  • Create your account and fill out your sizing profile
  • Add gorgeous things to your closet so your stylist knows your style!
  • Get your first tote, try everything on, and send it back when you’re ready for more!

Easy peasy, and it lets me feel like I’m shopping without breaking the bank on clothes I’ll only wear once or twice. I did keep this romper and necklace because it fit PERFECTLY. My stylist absolutely killed it!

Photo Sep 05, 9 00 07 AM10706644_1693551184204287_1304779053_n 10661274_1544294925783921_1360514776_n

I realize that I’m wearing a lot of black… haha clearly I’m going through a phase ;) I’ve gotten SO many fun (non-black) pieces, too! Sweaters, pants, rompers, dresses, and TONS of gorgeous accessories! It feels like my closet is never ending, and I don’t see myself canceling my Le Tote subscription any time soon, that’s for sure. Extra bonus: you can add insurance to your account so you never have to worry about washing items or keeping them pristine! Which is excellent news for someone as accident prone as myself.

Le Tote also has something really REALLY awesome just for my readers: 50% off your subscription!!! Just use the code ‘WhitneyBlake‘ when you purchase your first tote! 

Now I would love to know, do you use Le Tote? Do you love it as much as I do??