Some Recent Design Work

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT CHRISTMAS IS IN ONE WEEK. Sorry for scream typing but SERIOUSLY when the heck did it become mid-December?!

For the last two years I’ve worked through the majority of my Christmas break from school. This being my first December without a mandated break means two things: 1. I have to create a work break and 2. I need to actually stick to that break.

I’m such a workaholic because I adore what I do, so forcing myself not to work will be probably my greatest accomplishment of 2014… maybe second only to when Lo Bosworth instagrammed my blog planners. *wink*

With all that being said, I’m working IN.SANE. hours to get everything finished up for 2014, because I will be away from work (lol maybe) from December 22nd-January 2nd! PARTY TIME! I’ve been popping out new brand and blog designs like a crazy woman lately, and I wanted to share a few of them! Let me know what you think! :)

Trendy Crew Brand Board Skirt The Rules Brand Board Hazel and Magnolia brand board Pretty by Post Brand Board


Wild Hope Counseling Brand Board

Pursuit of Shoes Brand Board

The Planted Palate Brand Board

Clare Smith Brand Board The Joy Parade Brand Board



Without a doubt, Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love the simplicity and how you can stay up to date on people without them oversharing (or doing the classic Facebook rant). 

This year I’ve really started to find my personal Instagram brand, too. My goal for the year was to hit the infamous 1,000 mark, and I’ve blown it away at almost 8,000!!! A lot of y’all have asked about how I take and edit my photos, how I connect with brands, and how I got 6,000 followers in less than five months…  

I am SO excited that in response to your excitement, I will be offering my very first online course in January 2015! I’m going to go in detail with a class of 8 people to chat about all things Instagram! Everything from taking photos, using the right hashtags, finding your niche, and of course increasing followers. Not only will this be a class (where we get to chat and laugh together for an hour on google hangouts), but I’ll also create a custom game plan for everyone who signs up, and send a couple other goodies your way!

I’m SO SO SO excited about this course, and will be nailing down the final details in the next couple of weeks during my “break” from work (lol). The details I do know are: 8 seats per class (will probably offer two classes), $50ish per seat, everyone gets a custom plan of action based upon their unique Instagram goal, everyone gets two extra fun PDFs, and y’all will basically make my life for being a part of my first online class. EEEEK! More details to come, but please tweet me or comment your thoughts on this! I seriously cannot wait to share all of my plans for 2015, this is just a little taste!!!

Okay, so now that I’ve gone 200% away from the original point of this post (because, let’s face it, I’m horrible at surprises) I am back on subject! I wanted to share with y’all a few of my current “Insta-Crushes”! Following people on Instagram is a huge source of inspiration, and I love seeing so many darling photos throughout the day!

Hover over the photo to see their account name and visit their profile! 

Happy Instagrammin’ darlings!