Goats, cheese, and pretty flowers

Today my mom, my friend Katie, and I ventured out to the Goat Lady Dairy farms for their “open farm” 20 year anniversary celebration. We had so much fun exploring, playing with baby goats, and sampling all of the DELICIOUS cheeses!

I brought along my Nikon (of course) and got totally snap happy with all of the possibilities in manual mode. I took probably 300 photos but I’ll spare y’all the intense photo gallery ;)

Goat Lady Dairy Farm

Baby goats Baby goat

Goat friends

Small white flowers Small white flowers

Goat Lady Dairy


Pretty pink blossom

Goat Lady Dairy Farm in North Carolina

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Photography Tutorial Roundup

While attempting to get a handle on how to use my precious DSLR, I got extremely overwhelmed when I first made the switch into manual mode. All of my photos were turning out blurry and I got frustrated in a matter of minutes (I have a short attention span, I know!).

After begrudgingly switching back to automatic mode so I could clearly document the pretty flowers on my desk, I turned to Instagram and asked for some help. And like the wonderful people they are, my followers/friends/fellow-photo-lovers responded with SO MANY USEFUL TIPS/RESOURCES. There is some serious gold in their comments, and I just wanted to share them with everyone here, in case y’all are also on a journey to figure out how in the heck to use your camera!

Beginner Photography Tips

suggested photography tips:

@oftreeandhues – basically this girl is amazing. And after stalking her blog I really want to be besties. She has a series on her blog called Photography 101, where everything is clearly broken down and easy to follow. She shared a little tip on my ‘gram and said, “I suggest playing around in Aperture Priority mode (A or AV setting on your camera) as it’ll allow you to select your aperture (that fun tool that allows you to change the depth of field in your imagery!) while the camera selects the appropriate shutter speed.”

@deva_defined said, “If your camera has multi spot auto focus, set it to center-focus for close-up things”

@katierussellll said, “Make sure your lens is on Auto Focus (AF) and not Manual Focus (M). From there, if you’re shooting manual, try to find your sweet spot balance between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Or, try shooting on aperture priority mode :)”

@heymelc said, “Start with Aperture mode (A) and adjust your aperture (lower the number, more light-higher the number, less light), then when you get the hang of it, eventually move on to manual mode. Pinterest has awesome help for photography tips”

suggested photography tutorials:

Click It Up A Notch (endless tips and inspiration!)

A Beautiful Mess

“Simply Photography” on Simple as That

“Photo Tip Thursday” on A Southern Drawl

Digital Photography School

“Blog Photography” on Gal Meets Glam: part one and part two

Now I want to hear from y’all! What are your favorite photography tutorials? Or do you have any wisdom for a super beginner?