I’ll Walk With You, My Dear

This week has been rough and overwhelming and exhausting and emotional. And honestly I’ve been at a loss for words pretty much since Friday night when I found out that I lost someone very special. I’m always a glass half full kind of girl, but this just hit me right in the gut and left me with the word “why” bouncing around my head. Why him? A brilliant, kind, 25 year old guy who was so incredibly loved.

I still can’t wrap my head around why Trevor had to leave us so soon, but I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I’m not supposed to. This isn’t my plan and sometimes things simply transcend understanding.

Honestly y’all I still don’t know what to say and this post is pretty much not going anywhere, haha. I was listening to music in the car yesterday after the memorial service and a line really stuck out to me. It’s from Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men, and it says “so hold my hand, I’ll walk with you my dear”. When I got to the office this morning I couldn’t focus so I found myself writing song lyrics and decided to share this as a free download.

Through all of the hurt and confusion these past few days, I’ve seen that nothing is more important that sharing your burdens with the ones you love. We’re here to lighten the load. And though I can’t ease the pain that my boyfriend feels after losing his brother, I can hold his hand and walk with him when life becomes just too much to handle.

Free Handlettered Wallpaper

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Professional iPhonetographer

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All of my friends and family know I freaking LOVE taking photos! Everywhere I go I’m snapping away to get that perfect photo which, of course, I’ll share on Instagram later. I always back up my photos to clear off my phone, but lately I’ve really had the urge to have a tangible version of my photos.


About two weeks ago I found out about timeshel and it completely changed the iphonetography game. timeshel is a photo printing subscription service, available as an iPhone app (in the Apple store) that you download onto your phone. The app has an amazing interface (y’all know I’m a total sucker for clean design) that makes organizing and uploading photos a breeze. There are two subscription options, the first being 10 prints a month received in a nifty envelope for $5.95/month or 30 prints a month received in the shel for $14.95/month.

When the prints arrived in the mail last week I was absolutely giddy with excitement – they turned out AWESOME! So crisp and pretty, and the little white frames around them was a perfect touch.


After some serious deliberation, I decided to use a giant white canvas to display them (after all, the canvas had been hanging blank on my wall for a couple weeks haha). I arranged them in a few different styles, but ultimately went for a more collage based layout.



It makes me so happy to look over from my desk and see my photo story printed out! I highly recommend giving timeshel prints a go if you’re looking to effortlessly print your iPhone photos! I’m planning on ordering more prints next month (I have A LOT more photos to print), so what fun ways do y’all display your photos?! I need more inspiration!