Another Typical Day

I feel like I’m starting to develop a daily routine that works for me, and I’m so dang excited about it! (is that weird? Probably…) I’ve been asked a surprising number of times what a typical day in my life looks like, so today I’m going to share that with y’all!

7 to 8 : Wake up (yep, I get to sleep in!) and get dressed for the day. I’m slowly working on waking up earlier because I truly love mornings, but I’m struggling with the going to bed early part!

8 to 9ish : Breakfast, aka my favorite meal of the day. It typically includes a bagel, and always includes coffee. During breakfast I read articles (Fast Company is my favorite) and blog posts, and catch up on social media of course!


9 to 11 : emails, inquiries, and start on that day’s priority project! I always refer to my Simplified Planner for that day’s list of tasks and priorities. On Sunday evenings, I run through my list of clients and schedule everything out to make sure every project gets enough attention (and gets finished!)

11 to 1 : design work, lunch (at my desk….), more design work.


1 to 3 : client calls, meetings, and consultations! I like to have calls in the middle of the day, it’s so fun chatting with my clients!

3 to 5/6 : design work! This time of day my brain is in get shi*t done mode so I tend to power through projects a lot faster than the mornings!


6 : dinner and drinks! In my eyes, a good business owner understands the importance of coffee and the creative power of tequila! *wink*

evening : I am incredibly guilty of working after hours… probably six out of seven nights a week. I love what I do, so it’s really freaking hard to stay away. If I can’t distract myself, I’ll often write emails and then schedule them to send the next day during office hours. 

And there you have it, my super exciting daily routine! Nothing special, but I feel pretty lucky to have a routine that keeps me motivated and energetic day after day. If you’re looking for some work-from-home-tips, you should check out my top 10!

Happy Monday, y’all! Time to kick this week’s booty!


How To: Create A Brand Board

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and PEOPLE StyleWatch® and Real Simple® but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #NewYearMeTime

As a graphic designer, I spend an almost unhealthy amount of time at my desk staring at my computer. I love what I do, and I love that I get to create beautiful digital designs for a living. However, as much as I love the digital work I do, nothing beats creating something tangible.

Over the weekend I powered down my computers and broke out the tape and scissors to create a brand board! I create digital inspiration boards all the time, but since I recently redid the branding/website for Heart & Arrow, I wanted to make an old school brand board. 

How to create a brand board

My first stop was Walmart to pick up a couple of my favorite magazines with this digital $1 off coupon (save $1.00 on ONE (1) PEOPLE®, InStyle®, PEOPLE StyleWatch®, All You®, or Real Simple® magazine. The Walmart digital coupon is available 1/14/15-2/16/15, while supplies last). After reading them (and noting the insane amount of times T Swift was mentioned in People), it was time to tear them up and gather inspiration! I love the minimalistic design of Real Simple, so of course I had to use a few swatches of color from there and a couple textures from People Stylewatch.

How to create a brand board

How to create a brand board

I then combined those clippings with random things I found around my office that helped pull my vision together. Here are a few of my tips for creating your brand board:

  • Have a clear understanding of the brand you’re working on! I try to pick 3-5 words that concisely describe my brand, and then look for patterns, images, and textures that play up those words. My words for Heart & Arrow are: feminine, minimalistic, organic, and authentic.
  • I start with colors and build on that with images, and then supporting textures.
  • Look for what makes the brand you’re working on unique! My blog planner notepad has been successful beyond my imagining, so I wanted to give it a place of honor on my brand board.
  • Don’t be afraid to get 3D! I added washi tape and a small pine branch to my board, to add the organic feel and make it more consistent with the images on my website!

How to create a brand board

How to create a brand board

Have you ever created a tangible brand board? What did you create it for?