DIY Monogram iPhone Wallpaper

Yesterday I decided that I really wanted a cute mongram wallpaper for my iPhone!
I love to mix it up and have cute wallpapers, but I was just craving a monogram. So, of course, I went on Pinterest and searched for it….
to no avail.
There were NO free, cute, and customizable 3 letter monogram iPhone wallpapers! What the heck?!
Then I remembered an absolutely to-die-for site {For Chic Sake} where you can create your own monogram printable, and it hit me, I dont have to make a monogram in my iPhone to use it as my wallpaper!
So here ya have it ladies! How to make your own high quality monogram iPhone wallpaper!
1. Visit For Chic Sake (and ooogle at how gorgeous and awesome and helpful it is!!)
2. Scroll down to the ‘Decorate’ section, and pick the Quatrefoil Customized Printable Monogram.
3. Pick your color and download! (the bottom color is the color inside the monogram, top color is the background)
4. Follow the instructions on the site for how to download, open, and edit the monogram.
5. Once you have entered your initials and you are looking at this, click sign, and then save signature. This will flatten out the editable area and make it so that it saves the font and letters!

6. RESAVE it when it prompts you to do so with an easy to find name ‘peachmonogram’ for instance
7. Open this newly saved file with Preview, and click on page 2, ‘Save As’ a JPG, and then voila! Youre done!
I think this peach one is perfect for fall! Enjoy!


    • says

      oh no! Well if there is any way for you to resave it so that it keeps the changes you made to the text, thats whatchu gotta do! Also, try seeing if your Adobe Reader is up to date, I feel like mine is always yelling at me to update it haha.

    • says

      I had this issue as well. I ended up having to make a fake signature by hitting the space bar a couple of times and “signing” with that. But then I couldn’t find a program similar to preview as I am using Windows 7…So I ended up doing a “print screen” and pasting it into my paint program and saving it. I then emailed it to myself and set the attachment as my wallpaper. Hope that helps!!

  1. Anonymous says

    Whenever I download one it keeps bringing it to my preview and then won’t let me center the monogram or change the font type :(

  2. Kate says

    I have followed this step by step and it just simply won’t work. I can get everything done up until I hit done signing. After I hit that, it just stops. There is no re-saving, as that option never comes up and I can’t find it anywhere. How do I continue this?

    • Anonymous says

      I had the exact same problem! What you want to do is go to the tab at the top of the page that says “tools” then click on “customize toolbars” scroll down until you see “snapshot”(it should be third from the bottom) and click the box next to it so it has a check mark. Push the “okay” button and then go back to the “tools” tab at the top. Instead of clicking “customize toolbars”, select the first option, “Select & zoom”. Click on snapshot and then drag your cursor form the bottom right (or left) corner of the image to the opposite corner at the top of the image. Once you’ve done that press “ctrl C” then open up Microsoft word right click and paste! I know it’s lengthybut I hope this helps!

  3. Anonymous says

    after hitting sign i had to click on “place signature” and add text… i just simply made my signature a tiny b and placed it in a discrete place on the image… than it allowed me to hit done signing! Hope this helps!

  4. kayla says

    hi so i went thru and followed the steps for how to get the monogrammed iphone cover but i was stumped when i got to the part of signing the adobe file because once i clicked “sign” the “done signing” link wasnt highlighted and i cant figure out for the life of me why!? please help thanks!

    • says

      someone commented above and said this “after hitting sign i had to click on “place signature” and add text… i just simply made my signature a tiny b and placed it in a discrete place on the image… than it allowed me to hit done signing! Hope this helps!” and Im not sure if this would solve your problem if you gave it a go??

      Im not a master at using Adobe Reader so Im not sure if there is a setting or maybe update that is different from our versions? if all else fails maybe you can just take a screen shot? let me know if you find a solution or I can help in any other way :)


  5. says

    For those without a Mac, ‘Preview’ is just the application that opens images. So open the pdf with the application that you usually open photos with and resave (use ‘save as’) the pdf as a .jpg or any other image file format :)

  6. Anonymous says

    So cute!!! And after all the helpful comments posted here even I who is not so computer savvy was able to do it!!

  7. says

    Hi Whitney,

    Thank you so much for doing the step-by-step tutorial for the phone wallpaper! Yours looks great!!

    XO, Jenny & Louisa

  8. says

    I was able to do it on my android phone. I took a screen shot of the saved photo from my email (it wouldnt let me just save the one page of the document) and then crop it and add it to my screen. So cute.

    • says

      That’s great, Amanda! I’m really glad to hear it would probably work for most smartphones then – just follow the same basic steps :) Thanks for the comment!!


  9. Anonymous says

    I’m sure you meant well, but this does not work. The instructions for Scribd do not coincide with their website. Seems as all they want is for you to buy a website.

  10. says

    It is really nice blog that contain the good collection of Monogram Wallpaper for iPhone and also provide the tips to create own Monogram wallpaper which is really help me to create own wallpaper so thanks for this information.

  11. Anonymous says

    I followed your instructions, and while it worked, when I print it out, the spacing on the letters is off and does not look anything like what its supposed to. In fact, all 3 letters didn’t fit, and the last one did not show up. Can anyone help? I am loving this, though, and thank you so so much!

  12. says

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  13. Anonymous says

    I can get up to the point where you save it as a JPEG file. I can’t figure out how to do this. I tried using the PRTSC copy/paste thing, but then the wallpaper appears really blurry on my phone. I am using Windows.

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  15. Samantha says

    This is so adorable – I just wish there was a way to download an unflattened image to change the letters instead of having to download software.


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