Dear Study Abroad

Im back from Europe!

And exhausted, overwhelmed, ecstatic, longing, busy, happy, jet lagged …. the list could go on. Truly I am so busy packing for my next adventure to New Orleans tomorrow and then moving in to a new apartment on Sunday that I havent had time to breathe. I want to share all of my adventures with you, but I simply dont have the time to express all of what I learned in my 7 weeks abroad… just yet! I PROMISE that adventure stories are on their way as soon as I can finally settle into my new home. 

Dear Study Abroad,
Thank you. 

For opening my eyes to see that the world is so much bigger than I ever could have imagined.
For helping me grow as a person and get over my fear of asking strangers for directions.
For opening my heart to more easily accept other people, and love the ones back home even more.
For introducing me to the most amazing friends I’m so blessed to have met.
For allowing me to endlessly indulge in carbs galore.
For making me realize that I truly dont need most of what I have to live happily (closet sale is in the works!)
For helping me go places that I’ve only ever dreamed of.
For teaching me to perfect my british accent.

but most of all, thank you for giving me the world. 
My life has been forever changed and I could not be happier!

Auf Wiedersehen


  1. Bethany Stewart says

    Following through the Friend Connect Blog Hop….studying abroad is FANTASTIC! I never went just to study, but my family lived abroad for several years. And it was the BEST :) Can’t wait to get to know you a little better through your blog, girl.

  2. disqus_Pt59K8Rh6J says

    Visiting from the Friend Connect blog Hop… Hello! :)

    I feel like we are living the same life. I JUST came back from studying abroad (in Italy) and started blogging about college life and design. Hello girlfriend! Haha, love the way you showed the places you visited… I may or may not copy that. (; Your photos are making me nostalgic!

    Definitely going to check out some of your other travel posts. Cheers!


  3. says

    I found you from the blog hop too! And I just got back from a bunch of the same places!! My husband and I did London, Paris, Nice, Venice, Florence, Rome, Barcelona! No studying for us though- just sightseeing ;-) Did you have a favorite place you went?? We loved the London tube system (and the fact that people spoke English).

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